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Celebrate the Great Commission in song!

All the Nations is a wonderful song by Dr. James Duren which will start your congregation thinking about cross-cultural ministry.

Set to the same tune as Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee, it is lively and easy to sing.

All the Nations

Every tribe and every nation is embraced by God's great love.
He Who is the Lord of Harvest sent His Spirit from above
So that we might make disciples, baptize, teach them to obey
Everything that He commanded until He returns someday.

Lord of History, Lord of Nations, You determine time and place
Race and language, habitations, so that men might seek Your face.
In the best of every culture, in the glory of each race
Shines this truth: God has no favorites; all are equal in His grace.

In Your sovereignty and wisdom You are stirring earth again,
And will make this social ferment serve your purposes for men.
To this land You've brought the Nations, as at Pentecost of yore;
To us opened for a harvest this great and effectual door.

Help us, then, accept the challenge; help us keep our focus clear:
Unity through faith in Jesus makes all else seem much less dear.
Keep us filled with your compassion, help us love each soul the same.
Help us win, midst clash of cultures, all the nations to Your Name.

Words: Copyright, 1999, Dr. James Duren, all rights reserved.
Melody: Ode to Joy (also known as Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee)

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