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Directory of Hispanic Churches in D.C., Maryland and Virginia

Directory of Multi-Cultural and Ethnic Churches in Washington State

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Bibles in Your Language has links to Bibles and Bible resources in over 250 languages.
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Children's Bibles in English, Spanish, Russian, and other languages

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Books to Help Kids Learn English, Spanish, or other languages.

On-Site Articles

Urban Cross-Cultural Church Planting Models, by Jerry L. Appleby.

Excerpts from "The Stranger Who Is Among You," by James Duren and Rod Wilson

Coaching and Culture by Dr. Keith E. Webb

Excerpts from the book Transforming the City:
* Appreciating Cultural Richness
* Biblical Foundations of Urban Ministry.

Ten Things I Learned About Native Ministries, by Ray Levesque.

Biblical "Man of Peace" is Key to Starting New Outreach, by Erich Bridges.

What Color is Jesus? How Can We Present Jesus to a New Culture without Bringing Our Own? by By David Learner

"Ethnic Church Planting: A Documentation of the Work of Dr. Chris Thomas,"
written by Nancy Kruger in Spring 1994.

"The Challenge of the Ethnic Millennium," by Russell Begaye

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