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Spanish is spoken in Spain, Mexico and other countries. For more information, see SIL Ethnologue code spa.

Our goal is to help you quickly find the perfect Bible from sources like American Bible Society, International Bible Society and, as well as Bibles to read online.

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Find Bibles in the translation that is right for you:

Biblia de Jerusalén
The American Bible Society has recently published a new edition of the Spanish Jerusalem Bible.

DHH - Dios Habla Hoy
Dios Habla Hoy (God Speaks Today) is the Spanish version of the Good News Bible, modern and easy to understand.

Living Translation
La Biblia al Día is a contemporary version of the Bible in a language that makes the message of God understandable for all people. Excellent for evangelism.

NVI - La Nueva Versión Internacional
NVI is a new translation of the Bible directly from the original languages Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek into contemporary Spanish.

RVR - Versión Reina Valera Bible
RVR has been the basic text of the Spanish Protestant Church for generations. It retains the traditional style of the Spanish language.

TLA - Traducción en Lenguaje Actual
TLA version is an excellent translation for reading aloud, and well suited to children and youth and adults who appreciate a simpler translation.