About Ethnic Harvest

God has brought the nations to us! You don't have to travel half-way around the world to have a ministry with "unreached" peoples. God can use you to bless the nations starting in your home town!

The Ethnic Harvest web site is non-denominational and evangelical, and maintained by volunteers.

Our ministry is an independent affiliate of the Ethnic Harvest network, which began in the Seattle area in 1986 as the vision of Cal Uomoto from World Relief Seattle and Pastor Chris Thomas.

Pastor Thomas was born in India and served for many years as a missionary with the Division of Home Missions of Assemblies of God. You can learn more about his work in the article Ethnic Church Planting: A Documentation of the Work of Dr. Chris Thomas, which presents some of the lessons learned by Dr. Thomas as he planted 14 churches in different language groups in the Seattle area.

Our Vision

That the Church in North America will celebrate the wonderful ethnic diversity of the Kingdom of God.

That a rich variety of language-specific and multi-cultural churches will be developed to effectively serve every ethnic group living in North America.

That the Church will intentionally worship and work across cultural lines, listening to and learning from each other, sharing leadership, and working to fulfill the Great Commission both locally and around the world.

Our Mission

Our website exists:

In Luke 10:29-37, Jesus taught the people to "love your neighbor as yourself." In response, someone in the crowd asked, "Who is my neighbor?"

Jesus answered with the story of the Good Samaritan, a man from an ethnic minority who reaches across cultural barriers to help a traveler he didn't know. The traveler and the Samaritan were culturally distinct but geographically close to each other.

Like the traveler in Luke, many of our ethnic neighbors need our help, to find jobs, start churches, and begin a new life in America. And there is much they can share with us.

We have the privilege to befriend our ethnic neighbors in the name of Jesus. When we do, we please our Lord and give more credibility to our witness both at home and around the world.

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