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Americans of European Heritage

The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that 225 million "white" Americans are living in the U.S. This is 82.3 percent of the total population.

Included in this number are people of many ethnic backgrounds, including Europeans whose heritage language may be English, French, Spanish, Swedish, German and others, a variety of people groups from the former Soviet Union, etc.

The U.S. Census Bureau has mapped where White Americans live.

For more information, please look for specific people groups in our master indexes:

Bibles in European Languages

Bibles in Your Language can help you find online, audio and print Bibles in the languages of Europe, including:

GotQuestions.org answers basic questions about Christianity in many languages including the languages of Europe.

Information for Churches

The Jesus film is a great way to witness to immigrants from Europe.

The Jesus Film is a great way to share the gospel in the "heart language" of your European neighbors. Campus Crusade for Christ has produced this beautiful film of the gospel of Luke and translated it into over 600 languages, including English, German, French and other European languages. Your church can buy a video for less than $20 and sponsor a "Welcome Night" to show the film and begin a dialogue. Ask your neighbors if they would like to see the film and if they'll help you invite other families.

To order the Jesus Film, visit Jesusfilm.org. Or order by phone from Campus Crusade at 1-800-432-1997.

You can also view the Jesus Film online in many languages. (You will need to download the RealAudio Player, available free at the site.)

English-speaking people who are planning a trip overseas will appreciate the directory of English-speaking churches in foreign countries published by InternationalChurches.net.

An online brochure, "Working with Europeans," has been published by the North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. The brochure is in PDF format, so in order to read it you will need Adobe Acrobat software, available at the site for free.

If you're planning an outreach to a neighbors in the U.S. who speak English, you might consider Operation Evangelism from Faith Comes By Hearing. They'll do a bulk mailing of an audio Gospel of Mark from your church to every residential address in your zip code for just $2.50 per address.

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